So often we hear artists say "My work isn't 'art above the sofa'." One day, as we heard this coded pejorative expression at lunch, we countered with: Why not "art above the sofa?"  What could that be?  Our curator minds started spinning. . . .and Art Above the Sofa: Next Generation was born - sitting on a sofa, of course!

 Art Above The Sofa: Next Generation is dedicated to you, art students, emerging into the sunlight, but not able to afford art fairs, coop galleries, etc.  We have created a juried art competition and online exhibition for students pursuing their AA, BA, or MFA.  The purpose of this exhibition is to bring attention to emerging artists whom we believe already have exciting, innovative ideas for the next wave of art making and exhibiting.  We propose the sofa as the site for their creativity in response to the current trend of making art bigger, thus demanding a larger foot-print in the environment.  We therefore challenge today’s artist to think small and accessible, to orient art toward conserving space, ideally in a domestic setting, rather than the gallery, museum or landscape.  As a project, we hope Art Above the Sofa: Next Generation strikes a mindful chord: art for all, art for the environment, art for world unity and peace.  Millennials – lead the way!

The winners' works will be exhibited at 171 Elizabeth Street, between Spring and Kenmare Streets, not far from the New Museum, from April 27-30.  There will be two first-place winners: one selected by an online popular vote and one selected by a panel of artists, curators, critics, dealers and designers.  The winners and jurors will receive honoraria for their participation.  The jury winner will be installed above a real sofa. The first place popular winner will be featured prominently in the gallery sapce. The second and third place winners will be featured on the walls, surrounding the sofa installation.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions -  Apply Here

Good luck and welcome to the show!        

Beth and Patrick

Art Above the Sofa: Next Generation is a New York Arts Etc., LLC event.